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ECU Calibration Requirements

Prior to Your Calibration Appointment

Calibrating the ECU in any vehicle relies on the fact that the vehicle is in good working order. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your engine healthy and performing at it’s best. We will be pushing your engine to it’s limit, so it needs to be working properly. If there are vacuum leaks, boost leaks, improperly plumbed lines, a malfunctioning blow-off valve, etc.; the calibration will be developed around these problems. And when/if they get fixed, the calibration will also need to be fixed. Most of these things will also make the motor less efficient, costing you power. A boost leak will cause the turbo to overspin as it tries to reach it’s target boost. This creates a lot of heat in the charged air and costs you power. Please go through this checklist prior to seeing me. It will save us both a ton of time and at the end of the day, my work will be more efficient and your car will run better.

  • Perform a leak test and fix any leaks.
  • Make sure the air filter is clean.
  • Make sure you have a fresh tank of gas from a reputable gas station. I suggest tuning on 91oct and running 93oct whenever you can, since 93oct is not always easily available in Maine. However, if you wish to tune on 93oct, please let me know that is what is in the tank.
  • Install a fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs.
  • Make sure there are no “unknown” check engine lights.
  • Perform a compression test for your own piece of mind and to let you know if there may be some other problems (headgasket, etc.) that would prevent us from pushing the motor.

We can perform any of these services prior to calibrating and would be glad to do so. Please contact us for more information.

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