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The Shop: 2016 Year in Review

Holy crap.  Where did 2016 go?  I seriously can’t believe how quickly 2017 has come.  2016 was one of the best years of my life, only behind the year my son was born, the year I met my wife, and of course the year I was born.  haha  It was a good year.

I started Baxley’s Speed Shop in July of 2015.  I was still working a full time job in the engineering field until July of 2016.  I had been involved with several projects while I was still doing the engineering gig, but July of this year was the beginning of the full time effort to kick the Speed Shop into gear.  I began just taking on a couple ECU tuning jobs a week to get a feel for how I wanted to organize my schedule, how to effectively support my customers’ needs and provide a good quality service.  That quickly became three to four jobs a week.  I became a vendor with Mainely Subarus and that’s when things really kicked off and I was learning how to schedule a couple weeks out as my schedule was filling up.  By October, I was taking on regular service and repair work along with the tuning jobs.  Things have slowed down a little with the weather, but I’m not complaining.  It’s been a crazy busy year, behind the scenes getting the business going along with the billable work.  During the year I tuned 33 Subarus, a couple Evos, an autocross prepped S2000, an SRT4 and of course the shop race car, the G35.  That was roughly 1800 revisions!  And almost 10,000 whp!!

Here are several pictures of customer cars that I snapped throughout the year.

Shop Projects

Never a shortage of projects around here. The year started out with the resurrection of Suzy, the shop wagon.  She got a new EJ257 shortblock w/ a bunch of goodies.

Towards the end of the summer, the dinky top mount intercooler was replaced with a front mount.

Since then, the automatic transmission has had enough and I am currently in the process of fixing that problem.

The G35 started it’s path down the road to the Street Prepared autocross class.


2016 also marked my first sponsorship program.  I selected Ben S with his STI and Patrick D with his boosted FRS.  Both drivers represented my shop very well and it was blast racing with a “crew”.  Definitely planning to continue the sponsorship program next year, so be on the lookout if you’re interested.

I ran the full season with the Cumberland Motor Club.  Season points have not been released yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m looking at a #2 PAX finish for the year and a class win.  It was a fun season filled with a lot of great competition.  Next year will see some changes.  I’ll be running a full season with the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire, as well as attending any non-conflicting local CMC events.  I will also be proudly wearing the Racers HQ brand for the season.  The plan is more events, more seat time and more fun.

It’s been a fantastic year.  I could not have asked for any of it to go any better than it did.  I’m not going to release any specific details about what is on store for 2017 yet.  But I will say that the plan is in motion and I hope you’re ready to go fast!  Bring it on!!!

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