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The G: Custom Dyno Tuning

Put the G on the rollers again in October.  This time with some software on our side.  I decided to go with UpRev’s Osiris Tuner.  Their software allows full control of the cam timing, fueling, MAF scaling, ignition timing, live tuning, multiple maps, (now) launch control, etc.  They also fully support all current Nissan/Infiniti models, so it’s a good platform to learn.


Last time we were at this dyno was back in June.  At that time, the car had the following performance related parts:

  • JWT Pop Charger w/ open filter
  • “Z tube” intake
  • 3/8″ Motordyne Plenum Spacer
  • Berk High-Flow Cats
  • Motordyne Y-pipe
  • Hypertech tuner

Otherwise stock.  Here is the graph from the baseline session.  Settings were changed on the Hypertech on some runs and one was stock (the lean one).

237whp/248wtq and a nice solid, smooth curve.

Fast forward to October and now the car is coined “Chewy”, sporting a slightly muffled version of the exhaust that got me turned away at the first event this season.  Still fairly loud, but seems acceptable at the local events.  The exhaust from the Y-pipe back was the only mechanical change from the previous session.  The UpRev software loads a “stock” ECU tune.  I scaled the MAF to clean up the corrections caused by my air intake set and brought fuel to a reasonable 12.0 on the street prior to the dyno and smoothed the timing and fuel maps, but the UpRev file was mostly stock.

The Moment of Truth

First runs delivered a disappointing 229whp/238wtq.  I’m still not sure if it’s the dyno calibration that changed or if the car actually lost almost 10whp and 10wtq from adding the exhaust and the stock UpRev tune. The previous runs with the stock tune were actually a little higher than the Hypertech tune, but still much leaner than I am currently targeting.  Regardless, it was time to get to work.  We had a baseline for the day and that’s all that really matters.

At first, cam timing was modified across the board until the torque stopped to increase.  This in itself gained almost 10 wtq back.  After a new cam timing baseline was defined, I worked on getting AFR to a nice smooth curve, setting the mixture to the best overall power output across the RPM.  Then lastly, I altered the timing map and further tweaked the fueling to provide a total of 11 whp and 21 ft-lbs of torque gained from the 2-hour session.  Regardless of what the numbers are, that’s pretty substantial on a naturally aspirated car and I’m super happy.

Here are some earlier runs.

And a quick video I put together with some music.

The final before/after graph.  Ending at 240/260.

All in all a very successful session.  The live tuning and tracing features were really nice to have on hand and made the tuning process go really quickly.  I think I made over 25 revisions in the 2 hour session.  There is more left in the tune, I just need to spend more time on a dyno with it.  The software was definitely worth it and I can’t wait to utilize some of the newer features the UpRev guys have been working on lately, like launch control.  The car may see some slight changes during the off season to increase tq, but aside from more tuning, not much is planned under the hood.

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