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The Shop: 2016 Year in Review

Holy crap.  Where did 2016 go?  I seriously can't believe how quickly 2017 has come.  2016 was one of the best years of my life, only behind the year my son was born, the year I met my wife, and of course the year I was born.  haha  It was a [...]

The G: Custom Dyno Tuning

Put the G on the rollers again in October.  This time with some software on our side.  I decided to go with UpRev's Osiris Tuner.  Their software allows full control of the cam timing, fueling, MAF scaling, ignition timing, live tuning, multiple maps, (now) launch control, etc.  They also fully support all [...]

Race Recap: Loring 2016

Loring is the climax of the Cumberland Motor Club's season.  This year proved no different than past years, delivering courses that tested speed, focus and agility amongst the already tiring and long days that are what make Loring what it is.  This event last year was my first encounter with the G, [...]

Race Recap: A/X Capades

Event #5 brought us a new lot!  A newly paved lot even!  The kind folks at the Norway Ice Arena in Auburn, ME are apparently into cars and invited us to come on out.  Evergreen Subaru in Auburn sponsored the event and brought out their shuttle car WRX.  And there was [...]

Race Recap: Cone Hunting Again

A couple weeks ago we went back to town of Freeport to make some noise (well...a little less noise than last time).  We were back at Casco St. and it's tight confines. Date: 06/26/16 Club: Cumberland Motor Club Venue: L.L. Bean's Casco St. Lot (asphalt) Event Name: Cone Hunting Again [...]

Race Recap: MM MM Good

Two weeks after the last event at Desert Rd, we headed down to  Bill Dodge BMW in Westbrook for our 3rd event of the season.  Since they expanded the lot (last year, I believe), it's turned out to be a decent venue and offers a variety of course options. Date: 06/12/16 [...]

The G: Baseline Dyno Results

Finally got the G35 shop car on the rollers and got a baseline!  It's always good to get a horsepower and torque baseline on a local dyno before performing too much work or tuning.  If nothing else, for peace of mind.  Peace of mind that it's currently safe.  Peace of [...]

Race Recap: Return to the Desert

May was a long month with an already light schedule and an event cancelation.  Had a lot of time to get caught up on a few things with the car and spend some much needed time with the family.  Breaks are nice, and needed, but it's time to get going [...]

Race Recap: Return to the Boot II

Even though it hasn't been a dreadfully cold winter, it's been a long one.  And the cone heads around these parts are chomping at the bit to knock some cones down.  The G was ready for action and I was super excited. Date: 05/01/16 Club: Cumberland Motor Club Venue: L.L. Bean's [...]

The G: Autocross Season Prep

I introduced you to the G a while back and set out some basic plans of where I wanted it to go over the next couple years.  With the autocross season rapidly approaching, it was time to put some plans into motion. So what's the plan Stan? I'm building the [...]

Race Recap: CMC “Down Home Autocross”

Catch Up! Its been a little over a week since the last post, when I introduced you to the new shop car currently known simply as "The G."  Since then I've been racking up the miles to/from my regular job, looking for every excuse to pile the family in and take [...]

Enter the G

There once was a Nissan 12 years ago, I left the mustang world to get into a clean, low mile, unmolested 1991 Nissan 240sx hatch.  I had "Big Plans."  It was going to get turbo'd, and slammed, and aggressive, and I was going to drift everywhere I went.  None of that [...]
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