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Race Recap: MM MM Good

Two weeks after the last event at Desert Rd, we headed down to  Bill Dodge BMW in Westbrook for our 3rd event of the season.  Since they expanded the lot (last year, I believe), it’s turned out to be a decent venue and offers a variety of course options.

Date: 06/12/16

Club: Cumberland Motor Club

Venue: Bill Dodge BMW (Westbrook)

Event Name: MM MM Good

Weather: low 50s in the morning, mid 70s in afternoon, mostly sunny, LOTS of wind

Race Prep

There was none.  I washed the car before the event, but otherwise she was same as last event, even still sporting the PBR exhaust pipe fix.  haha

Let’s Race!

Odds ran 1st.  Most of the hot shoes were back, ensuring a long day of good competition.  The course was much different than we’ve ran here before, offering good speed through the middle along with a mix of technical aspects.

Here is a layout of the course.

Starting at the cursor, squeeze through the 1st V box, shift to 2nd, squeeze through the next V box, hard right, hard left, setup left turn and entry to slalom, to a left hand sweeper, accelerating hard through the middle of the course, back into the left turn/entry to slalom, left sweeper again, accelerate less hard, and a right hand decreasing radius into the finish.

Key points were:
– Get through the 1st two V boxes without hitting anything and with some sense of speed.
– Choose the correct entry to the slalom and don’t screw it up.
– Hang it out there in the middle of the course, straightening up the back section.
– Give it up a little on the 2nd pass through the middle to set up properly for the last turn.

It was very much a course that allowed you to hang yourself, especially if you were prone to rear tire spin.  As such, I had several dirty runs early on, but the times were there and I knew it was possible to finish well.  The top 4 were separated by .5 sec or less going into lunch, me sitting in 3rd.  Mike and Jake both raised the bar in the afternoon, leaving it all up to me in my final runs.  Finally put one together on my 6th run and was enough to capture the #1 PAX spot.

Here are the results
Class Results
PAX Results *
Raw Results

* at the time of this posting there seems to be some issues with PAX times.

Here are a few pictures courtesy of Leah P.

This is my fastest run, run #6.  Solostorm decided to only give me the 1st 2 V boxes after the 2nd or 3rd run.  So no fancy data on this video.  🙁

Lessons Learned

Tire pressure adjustments based on temp seem to be few and far between right now.  I am going to start going up or down in 1 psi increments solely based on feel and see what happens.  May still go ahead and check temps just to see what is happening.

I may have too much negative camber in the rear.  Inside rear tire was on fire through the middle fast section.  This VLSD isn’t helping.  But a slight decrease from my -2.6 deg in the rear may help.

Fix Solostorm.  What the heck?

The car loves to be manhandled.  Keep it up.  Right now my only complaints are corner exit traction and hopefully with some self discipline, won’t be much of a problem.

Next event is this weekend as of this posting at L.L. Bean’s Casco St. lot.  Yes, I am waiting until afterwards to put the 3″ back on.  Hope to see you there.

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