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Race Recap: Cone Hunting Again

A couple weeks ago we went back to town of Freeport to make some noise (well…a little less noise than last time).  We were back at Casco St. and it’s tight confines.

Date: 06/26/16

Club: Cumberland Motor Club

Venue: L.L. Bean’s Casco St. Lot (asphalt)

Event Name: Cone Hunting Again

Weather: mid 50s in the morning, mid 70s in afternoon, mostly sunny

Race Prep

Nothing to report.

Let’s Race!

Evens ran 1st.  We had 48 entries and lot’s of competition in the field.  The course was fairly simple, but felt like it was half the width of the car.

Right off the start into an immediate right, then left opening up into a V box, around the back right hand sweeper, tightening up into a small slalom, opening up into the middle right hand sweeper, back into the V box, around the back right hand sweeper, tightening up into a small slalom and left into the stop box.

Key points were:
– Don’t do anything too stupid right off the start.  Just get through clean and open it up into the main lot.
– Tip toe through the V box (I really hated this thing..)
– Keep speed up through the back sweeper
– Do the same through most of the middle sweeper, but give it up on the end.
– Tip toe through the stupid V box again.

Spent the majority of the day chasing a clean run, in case it wasn’t already obvious.  Car was fast but felt like it was 20′ wide trying to squeeze through the V box.  The 1st time through was slower and at a much easier angle.  The 2nd time required you to give up the end of the sweeper, slow down and straighten out the V box.  It sounds much easier than it was for me.  I just couldn’t get it right all day.  6 of the 10 runs were dirty.  Most of that was one special orange cone.







Few more shots of the car getting ready to hit a cone.

That booty

Roly-Poly!  Can’t wait to get a real suspension under this thing.

Class Results
PAX Results
Raw Results

Barely held off Ben S. for the class win.  And managed to hold onto a 10th place PAX finish with one of my early clean runs.  Was hoping for a better finish to keep my contention in points standings, but it will have to do and I’ll just have to work a little harder to knock Mr. Piche off his game.  As of this posting, I am only a few points back on the PAXmaster and we have a lot of racing left to do this season, with a lot of points still up for grabs.  Look out!

That said, there were a TON of notable mentions at this event.  Check out Madsen in 4th pax and that killer kart driven by Mark M., Heman returning in a MR2 along with Stephen in his,  Tommy D, Clint G and even old man Rice made their way up in the standings.  Great job guys!

Here is a video of my 8th run

Lessons Learned

Just give up the corner and make sure to get clean.  Work up from there.

At least check out the data on Solostorm.  Surprisingly, most of my runs are a consistent GPS location this time.  I really didn’t do much evaluating of data during the event.

Have fun.  Although, a little anger infused run is good every now and then.  😉

Really looking forward to the next one down at the Jetport lot this weekend on the 10th.  Bring your ear plugs!

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