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Race Recap: A/X Capades

Event #5 brought us a new lot!  A newly paved lot even!  The kind folks at the Norway Ice Arena in Auburn, ME are apparently into cars and invited us to come on out.  Evergreen Subaru in Auburn sponsored the event and brought out their shuttle car WRX.  And there was a diaper drive for the Trinity Jubilee Center.  Awesome that the group was able to help some people in need and that a local dealership is getting this involved with the local car scene.

Date: 07/16/16

Club: Cumberland Motor Club

Venue: Norway Ice Arena ( NEW asphalt)

Event Name: A/X Capades

Weather: Hot and sunny all day.  80s in the morning, 90s in the afternoon.

Race Prep

It was time to pull my failing PBR exhaust pipe patch off the car and try to see if a muffler added to the single was going to be quiet enough.  I picked up a Borla XR1 Split-Core 3″ muffler to add to the mid section, where the stock resonator is.  Fitment was tight, but we got it in there and I have not noticed any signs or sounds of contact.

Let’s Race!

It was a decent sized group of folks, totaling 53 entries.  The odds ran first.

Here is an outline of the course.

Course started off at the cross hairs with a tight slalom, into a tight V box and a tight left hand sweeper.  Then opened up into the middle of the 1st lot, into another right hand V box, then right around the island into the 2nd lot slalom, left hand sweeper into another slalom, then a left hand hair pin and a couple gates into the right hand finish onto the side road.

Car ran decent.  Hard to put the power down coming out of the tight turns.  Inside tire was on fire all day.  We had 7 runs, 3 were clean.  At the end of the day I was able to hold off Ben in the STi in our bumped class and managed to grab the 3rd place PAX spot, behind Paxmaster Picher in his FRS and Josh B. in a borrowed FRS.

Class Results
PAX Results
Raw Results

Here is a video of my 6th run.  It was my fastest, but I picked up a cone somewhere.

It was an awesome day.  Great finish.  Super happy with the car.  And the season is shaping up well for a top 5 PAX finish.  It’s going to take a miracle to catch Mr Picher at this point, but I’m still shooting for #2!

As of this writing, I’m recovering from the next event (Loring).  So stay tuned for a writeup on Loring shenanigans soon.

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