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The Shop: 2016 Year in Review

Holy crap.  Where did 2016 go?  I seriously can't believe how quickly 2017 has come.  2016 was one of the best years of my life, only behind the year my son was born, the year I met my wife, and of course the year I was born.  haha  It was a [...]

Tuning Tech: Your MAF sensor, the 1st stop on the road to horsepower

What is a MAF sensor? What does it do?  Why does it matter if I put a bigger air intake on my car?  Why do I care? The MAF sensor is the engine ECU's way of measuring the mass flow rate of air into the engine that is used to [...]

The G: Custom Dyno Tuning

Put the G on the rollers again in October.  This time with some software on our side.  I decided to go with UpRev's Osiris Tuner.  Their software allows full control of the cam timing, fueling, MAF scaling, ignition timing, live tuning, multiple maps, (now) launch control, etc.  They also fully support all [...]

The G: Baseline Dyno Results

Finally got the G35 shop car on the rollers and got a baseline!  It's always good to get a horsepower and torque baseline on a local dyno before performing too much work or tuning.  If nothing else, for peace of mind.  Peace of mind that it's currently safe.  Peace of [...]

Tuning Tech: Making lemonade

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck.  These days, anyone with a gem knows it's a gem and they price their sale accordingly.  Checking car auctions can be a good alternative to flipping through the local Uncle Henry's, Craigslist, Ebay or even the dealer (ick! yeah right) for that steal of [...]
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