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Welcome Nate to the Team!

It's official! Look how excited he is to be here. Please join us in welcoming our new Build Specialist, Nate Hodgdon. His passion and knowledge will be a great asset to the team. If you have any questions about your project do not hesitate to ask. Thank you all for [...]

It’s Official – MD-AWD-1100 Mustang Dyno

We are happy to announce that we will be the proud owner of a brand new All-Wheel Drive Mustang Dyno (MD-AWD-1100). We can't tell you how excited we are to make this upgrade. We expect to have it here at our shop in May and can't wait to celebrate with all [...]

The Shop: 2016 Year in Review

Holy crap.  Where did 2016 go?  I seriously can't believe how quickly 2017 has come.  2016 was one of the best years of my life, only behind the year my son was born, the year I met my wife, and of course the year I was born.  haha  It was a [...]

2016 Autocross Sponsorships

It's late in the season, but better late than never!  I'm super happy and pumped to announce that Patrick Dooley and Ben Spatafora will be flying the Baxley's Speed Shop flag for the rest of the season, and hopefully into 2017 as well. Both driver's are regulars with the Cumberland [...]

General Update: What the hell is going on?

Brrrrrr Where the heck have I been?  Well, 1st off, my family and I took a 3000 mile road trip to Georgia for the holidays.  So we've either been preparing for that trip, or recovering from it.  And I've been avoiding any car work that didn't involve getting our family [...]
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