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2016 Autocross Sponsorships

It’s late in the season, but better late than never!  I’m super happy and pumped to announce that Patrick Dooley and Ben Spatafora will be flying the Baxley’s Speed Shop flag for the rest of the season, and hopefully into 2017 as well.

Both driver’s are regulars with the Cumberland Motor Club.   They both are aggressive, competitive drivers that can’t take slow for an answer.  But each driver (and car) are much different in their respective ways and couldn’t do a better job of representing Baxley’s Speed Shop.

Ben Spatafora

Autocross Experience: 3 years
Car: 2005 Subaru STi
Class: ASP-T

Ben brought me his STi on an old dyno tune.  Asked if I could get a little more out of it and make sure it was safe.  After a few revisions we were able to pick up around 30ft-lbs of torque at the peak and more in other places.  He’s upgraded the suspension this year and that car is sure to be a weapon.  We get bumped together on a regular basis, but I enjoy the competition.  Now I need to step it up a bit more.  Ha ha.  I will be supporting Ben during the events as needed.

Patrick Dooley

Autocross Experience: 5-ish years
Car: 2013 Toyobaru FRS
Class: SM-T

Patrick and I have been working together for a while now on his FRS.  He’s also on my Amsoil Sponsorship program.  He decided to step up his game with it this year and toss a jet dryer under the hood.  We did the install together and are currently working on the tune.  Numbers look promising.  The car became a beast and no doubt will be competitive.  He’s just got to keep the rubber on the tire.  We will be gathering data during the events and working on the tune to make sure she’s safe to flog all day long.

Again, I’m wicked excited to bring these guys on board and it’s been a pleasure working with them already.  Both drivers will be at Loring and I’m hoping to get some seat time in each car.  Should be a fun weekend!

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